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Guide to Chiang Mai | Thailand Tips

Guide to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place where you can experience old culture and natural wonders, dressed up in a laid-back vibe. Here is why visiting this unique city in northern Thailand is worth any traveler’s time. Here is our guide to Chiang Mai tourist’s attractions.


Chiang Mai Old Town

Most important to mention in a guide to Chiang Mai, is the Old City. Walking along Chiang Mai’s square moat between the northern and southern gate, Chang Puak and Chiang Mai, brings exciting exploration opportunities. The main entrance to Chiang Mai Old City is the east gate called Tapae Gate, which is the center of the public city activities and festivals. From here, you can explore ancient temples (there are over 200 of them across the city), street food joints, museums, and charming cafés.

One of the best examples of the city’s funky offering is the bustling Nimman Road (Nimmanhaemin), situated west of the moat and east of the mountains. This is a place that attracts people from all walks of life since it features restaurants, shopping, galleries, bars, nightlife, and more.

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Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market

Visitors fall in love with Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market for a reason: products on offer are of the high quality and cheaper than in the rest of Thailand. The market takes place across the old town every Sunday from 4 PM, and it is an enchanting blend of sounds, smells, and colors. Beside hand-made souvenirs and striking artwork, here you can also get cheap massages and try local delicacies. This market begins from Tapae Gate, and continues along with Ratchadamnoen Avenue.


Versatile nightlife scene

Once you’ve explored the city’s streets, tried the food, gone shopping, visited the temples, learned about the Lanna culture of the northern Thai people, and enjoyed the magnificent nature, you will likely head for some night-time fun. Much like the cultural offering, Chiang Mai’s bar scene is lively and diverse, what’s makes it worthwhile to mention it in our rough guide about Chiang Mai.

Depending on personal preferences, you could head to Nimman Chiang Mai (Nimmanhaemin Road) for your share of everything trendy, or downtown to more infamous joints such as Zoe In Yellow or Spicy Bar. Those who like one-of-a-kind places with authentic themes might enjoy The Writers’ Club & Wine Bar on Rachadamnoen Road or THC Rooftop Bar, a reggae bar located near Thapae Gate.

Loi Kroh Road is very popular by its bars scene. There are plenty of small bars in that road with many Thai Girls, or other travelers that sit for a beer. Best place to socialize and make new friendships with locals and travelers.


Best Time To Visit 

Chiang Mai best time to visit would be generally between November to May. However, since the weather at north of Thailand is good through all of the year, so there is no real reason to take the weather into account when considering northern Thailand travel, including Chiang Mai, Pai and Chiang Rai.


Where to stay 

Best places to stay are concentrated in the along the square of canals, which is  called “Chiang Mai Old Town”. Best location to stay would be near the east gate called Tapae Gate, as is very close to the popular Loi Kroh Road, and Spicy Night Club. However, inside the square moat, there are also many places of interest that include the Zoe In Yellow and Chiang Mai Sunday Market.

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