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Loy Krathong and My full moon flower


Loy Krathong with My full moon flower

This was my first excursion to Thailand, this journey was no holiday though. I stepped off the plane which had transported me from France. I was eager, excited, frantic, but fearless. I embraced this challenge with open arms despite the fear of failure. I clenched the contract in my hand, clinging to new hope. The job was about to begin! I was ready for another adventure in my life, but little did I know how impacting this voyage would actually be! This is the story of how Thailand changed my life for good, a worthy venture, a fairy tale, a dream come true. One magical night in Koh Larn, a full moon party during the Loy Krathong holiday, but you should read my story from the beginning…

elc in Bangkok

I knew no one, but the intake of foreign teachers pouring into ELC agency in Chachoengsao filled the room with an electric vibe. Here at the English center we would have our brief training. The new entourage were from Europe, they were my peers now. My first sentiments of fear were very soon replaced with a roller coaster of new feelings. This opportunity presented lots of emotional experiences that were fresh and exciting. The friendships that we formed seemed more meaning full than usual, and bonds were sealed fast! After an intensive introduction and an English camp that was structured as a baptism of fire, we were ready to be shipped off to our new postings in the Thai schools around the local districts. It was time to settle into our new lives after the brief crash course of survival teaching tactics.
My destination was a small town in Prachinburi Province. There I would settle in to my new home and school. Being foreign language teacher we would integrate into the system and become part of the community. We worked alongside the Thai teachers collaborating together to inspire the children. Providing a fun learning environment was what it was all about.

volunteer in thailand


Outside school hours my newly found friends would meet up on furious Friday nights to prep our weekends. We would use our free time to venture out as far as time would allow us to go, permitting us to return to class on a Monday morning as sober as could be expected. Our mutual passion as travelers was to discover new territories around Thailand and appreciate the cultural differences that we found very appealing. Seeing all the musts was our common objective. We took in the various sights as frequently as possible and devoured this delightful existence. It became routine, a ritual of bliss. The experience was very pleasant indeed. We toured none end to suffice our gourmandize. The intense combination of work, Thai culture and foreign friends was a treat, a luxury, but the best was yet to come.

school in thailand


In November, Loy Krathong was announced.  We had heard many rumors of this notorious celebration and of course we were intrigued. The water ceremonies in Thailand are important and full of fun, so we obviously didn’t want to miss out on our first glorious event. The usual gang made plans for this special weekend celebration and set off to the desired destination. This time the venue was in the infamous city Pattaya. The ominous reputation had devilish appeal. Pattaya has it all and on this occasion, Koh Larn, the small tropical Island off the coast of Chonburi in the Gulf of Thailand, was to host the renowned “The Full Moon Party”. We were lucky, to add this to the normal excitement of this annual romantic scene “Loy Krathong”. Koh Larn Island was offering a rare opportunity to party on the shores of an otherwise very calm retreat. The usual traditional ceremony of serenity and devotion was to be transformed to an extreme alternative one that weekend and being party people we had to embrace this unique combination on that special night.

koh larn thailand
It is always nice to relax in clear seas and take in tropical air whilst sipping cocktails, turning a blind eye to reality, but little did I know what added feature that night would change my life forever! We basked in the sun waiting and watching the night owls disembark from the boats. As I admired the local talent, I had to remind myself that this night was about the music and the scenery, it was not about more beautiful distractions. Never the less the scenery in Koh Larn was so magnificent, “they” couldn’t be ignored. I pondered while the beautiful Thai ladies filled the empty beach in search of their very own Prince Charming. I gazed in amazement at the globetrotting festive frenzied folk, flocking to fill The Full Moon party. Everyone had their agenda for that night. I knew this would be a great night, but I did not know that it would be the best night of my life!

holiday in koh larn


By sunset, the tranquil Island gradually transformed to a party scene that I would never forget! The venue filled as the DJs spinned. Stars occupied the vast space above us as the magnificent moon began its assent. While those bacchanal beasts chose to dance their trance away remaining on the dance floor, more romantic souls headed to the shoreline to place their handmade Krathongs on the surf and pray their romantic dreams away, offering thanks and forgiveness for this special occasion. Lanterns were lit and launched filling the horizon, lighting up the sky with magnificent drifting colored objects. There was almost too much to take in, my eyes were drawn to every star, every shape, every light. Lost in the moment, the echo of techno only accentuated my deep euphoric hypnotic state, until finally I was drawn back to the sound of the waves breaking at my feet and the breeze upon my face. It was time to return to the loud music and dancing crowd.

loy kratong festival
In search of my fellow friends, I perused the dance floor only to find a new companion, a soul mate. She stood out amongst the full, her beauty astounded me, another mysterious treasure to devour. I couldn’t resist. I hastened to my quest to sweep her of the dance floor before another party goer could snatch her away. While they danced to the trance, I switched to romance – this was my chance!

The music had become the last thing on my mind, here was fate calling me to my destiny: matrimony! While the event was in full swing, I did my thing. I had stolen my prize, what a wonderful glorious surprise. We strolled the shoreline, the gentle warm breeze cooling my excitement. With haste I cut to the chase. I turned on “the charm” and whispered my life away. As the evening passed, we stayed holding each other, magnetically drawn. Our bodies filled with goose bumps. It was not the chill of the breezy night air, it was simply the thrill of fantasies flowing through us, as if it was an emotional pulse of anticipation, excitement and expectations running through our veins. We dared, and shared our passion but it was late and our first date, time had become my enemy!

I had not run out of things to say, I had only ran out of darkness to steal seductive pleasure, my time to entice and enrapture my desires had come to an end. This wonderful day had sadly drawn to a closing. Night had become dawn, the sun began to peak over the horizon and the speed boats occupied the ocean again, arriving to carry off the dead beat zombies, collapsed, collaterally damaged, scattered all over the beach. The tide approached. She held a ticket in her hand, I held her other! Her strong warm palm gave me hope. I realized that this was the end of our special time together, so I stole one last kiss. Cinderella boarded her vessel leaving only footprints in the sand and sensations of satisfaction.

thailand love story
I cried out my “au revoir” but this farewell was filled with fulfillment and ambition. This was not “Adieu”, this was no final good bye, but only a taste of what was to come. It was in- fact, to become “Till death do its part”! For now it hung on to high hopes for happiness.

I watched and waved until she became a distant image, finally vanishing over the break of dawn. I reminisced my magic moments, making a wish for our next encounter.

Thailand has a wonderful way of delivering delights and offering marvelous opportunities. It took time for our relationship to blossom till that miraculous encounter, but that beautiful perfect night in Koh Larn, transformed my life. A bond was formed, a friendship was founded, one that continues to flourish. That was the night of “Loy Krathong” holiday, when I met Malee, my destiny, Malee my full moon flower, Malee to become a mother, Malee my lover.

Author: Billie Fish


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