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MMA Mindset, By Mark Doze | Thailand Tips

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport where the rivals combine a mixture of fighting techniques in the fight. One of them is Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). It is a way of living, a demanding sport that involves both physical and mental endurance. However, anyone in normal health shape, may start with training sessions, if they are taught by the right people and in a safe environment.

For most, MMA is just a well known acronym representing people who “fight” for a living. It consists of competition that tests every facet of a fighter’s abilities: standing with strikes, wrestling for takedowns, and submission grappling. Mindset and the ability to focus on your goals is the most important factor in MMA combat.  That’s why this field of sport may contribute also to other aspects in a person’s life.

Yes, while MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, and those who earn what they live off from it are considered professional fighters, it is much more complex than just hand to hand combat for the savage man or woman.


MMA mindset – the deeper side

Competitive MMA embodies a way of life that promotes egoless hard work, self reliance, sportsmanship, and overall well being. It takes hours upon hours, day in and day out, of grueling physical mental and emotional training.

MMA mindset harnesses one’s inner strengths, while honing their drive to always push themselves further and become better through time, and constant self refining. Lessons that we all, no matter how big or how small, should possess.

That is why so many average people are being drawn to the many facets of mixed martial arts. Be that Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu or a traditional wrestling. Even just dedicating to one of these many martial arts adds so much to a person’s life.


MMA training, is it the right sport for me?

Being perfectly honest, training MMA can be safe as any other sports field, while doing it in a responsible manner, going through any necessary medical pre-checks according to your doctor, and training with a professional coach.

However, preparing for a bout or live practicing mixed martial arts, in any arena at any level, puts immense stress and inflicts high amounts of physical wear and tear on a person’s body. For the working dad or mom, the costs outway the benefits by heaps. So it’s best to leave the competition or even full contact sparring sessions to the pros.

With that said, training any and all the facets of mixed martial arts IS for everyone. These martial arts in their separate and organic forms, taught by the right people and in safe environments, are rewarding and upbuilding!


Which point in my life should I start MMA training?

The best time to start learning anything as complex as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai is in your youth. However, there is never an age too old to begin. No matter the age or ability, each and everyone of us can benefit mentally emotionally and physically by starting the study of a martial art. The rewards are enriching, and the results remarkable!

Phuket in Thailand is one the best places for MMA training. You are invited to read my article: MMA Phuket


Mark Doze, Grappling coach and black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



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