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MMA Phuket | Thailand Tips

MMA Phuket | Thailand Tips


MMA with combining Muay Thai

Thailand is a vast world seeped in spiritual customs and ancient traditions. One Thai born creation which encompasses these both is the sacred and savage martial art of “Muay Thai”, a long developed Thai style of kickboxing. For generations the Thai people have been honing and harnessing this devastating martial art, which uses eight points of contact on the human body to defeat an opponent in hand to hand combat situations; the fists, the elbows, the knees, and the shins.

It was not until recently this beautiful martial art began to mesh with the ever exploding – fastest growing – sport of mixed martial arts. MMA is a full combat, in which both competitors may use striking techniques while standing, wrestling or judo style takedowns for taking the fight off the feet, and submission or jiu jitsu style based attacks once on the ground. Spirit is a very important factor, as the Mindset in MMA reflects on the fighter’s ability to react fast and maintain durability in order to win.


MMA Phuket in Soi Ta-iad: experience the top

Soi Ta-iad in Phuket has become the hub for destination for Muay Thai and MMA training. This road is located in the city of chalong is home to Phuket’s oldest and most well established martial arts training facilities. One of Soi Ta-ieds biggest and brightest stars is Phuket Top Team. Housing professionals from the biggest of stages, to the average person seeking a legitimate and safe martial arts experience.


More about “Phuket Top Team”, the facility of Thai Boxing

The PTT facility is comprised of a massive outdoor covered area containing bags, rings, mats, and other equipment for their Muay Thai and conditioning style workouts. Further to the interior of their location rests the main entrance, pro shop, and huge indoor space with wall to wall grappling mats topped by heavy duty air conditioning units for the pro team sparring, wrestling, nogi, and Jiu Jitsu classes. They also have available on site quality villa style housing, healthy food cooked to order from the on-site restaurant, and direct access to transportation rentals be your need motorbike or car.

PTT houses the most substantial and accredited instructional team of Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaching staff found on the island of Phuket. This facility has also recently become the venue of Phuket’s first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program for children.

So weather you are visiting Phuket, an avid martial arts enthusiast or someone new to the idea of trying one of these many amazing martial arts; alone or with family, for holiday or extended stay, PTT should be placed on your “must visit” list here at Phuket.


Where to eat and stay? Healthy lifestyle at Ta-ied

Easy to find a healthy food at Soi Ta-ied. Healthy restaurants and shops are everywhere. One such famous restaurant is Tony. Many visitors rush there every day after their Muay Thai practice to fill their belly with delicious and healthy omelets, salads, fresh fruits and muesli. Surprisingly the prices are very low and the atmosphere is amazing.


MMA Phuket, Patong Beach

Patong Beach in Phuket, has a very popular boxing arena named Bangla Boxing Stadium.

Competitions take place once/twice a week. This is the place with the action, where professionals show their fighting skills and make a living from Mixed Marital Arts!


Mark Doze, Grappling coach and black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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2 thoughts on “MMA Phuket | Thailand Tips

  1. Roei Av says:

    February 11, 2017

    Dear Benyamin, You can see the price's chart in the official website of Phuket Top Team, at the link above. And yes, your trainer will also give you guidelines as regarding to diet. Best Wishes

  2. Benyamin says:

    February 05, 2017

    Hello, When I was in school days, I went to Thai Boxing class, I remember only the 3 basic punches: Cross and Jab and Hook? What a nostalgia… Now I live in Thailand and consider to start training. What is the price for training in this facility and do they give advice about nutrition? Thanks Benyamin

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