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Phuket Rawai Fresh Markets: Locales made of joy

Rawai Fresh Markets: Explore the local food scene through visiting fresh village markets in Phuket. There are several markets in Rawai area taking place throughout the week. Here are some tips and suggestions.


Discover true Thailand through smells, sounds and flavors

For curious travelers, fresh markets are a great way to get a good glimpse of a country’s produce, culture, and the way of life. Perhaps you’ve heard that in Thailand you need to stick to ‘proper’ restaurants, or you aren’t big on exploring unusual dishes. But even if street food is out of your comfort zone, visiting a local fresh market can be an exciting and rewarding experience.


Where can you find fresh markets in Phuket?

There are dozens of fresh markets in Phuket, called Talad Nat (‘meeting’ markets) which operate once or twice a week. Literally every village has a fresh market nearby and you can find one to visit on almost any given day. In Rawai area, daily fresh markets are dispersed throughout a 5 km long strip between Chalong circle and Rawai Beach. To learn which market takes place on a particular day, just ask the staff at your resort or hotel.


Tips for visiting fresh markets in Rawai area

Eating out and getting takeaway is a big part of the Thai culture, and the food tends to be fresh and cheap. Whichever Rawai market you visit, try getting there before 6 PM in order to avoid crowds. You’ll want to bring a bunch of small banknotes, and perhaps a pen and paper to help you communicate the prices.

Those who rent a house with kitchen in Phuket, can take advantage of buying freshly caught seafood and preparing it themselves. Daring souls can roam around and give a go to mysterious-looking meals, bites in banana leaf, maybe even deep-fried bugs. Others can focus on uncovering the vibrant fruit scene. Allow yourself a slow pace, mime along as you communicate with the locals, and don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask questions. And remember that in this culture, a smile goes a long way.


Author: Jelena Kovacevic




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