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The Sak Yant Magical Thai Tattoo Experience

The Sak Yant Magical Thai Tattoo

Just over a year ago I saw an article on about Sak Yant sacred tattoos and it really interested me to read about their history and spiritual significance. I continued to browse the website designs, which were now on my favorites list on my computer. The designs were so intricate and beautiful , infused with meaning and magic. But I was not certain that they would tattoo a woman. I decided I was going to ask anyway and an email confirmed that this company would indeed do a sak yant tattoo for me when I returned to Thailand.

I had read about the famous temple where you could go at the crack of dawn and form a queue with all the other Sak Yant seeking Nomads who had turned up to get tattooed by the monk on duty that day. Fortunately I read many of the reviews underneath the article and had decided it was not for me. I might just be at the end of the queue and chicken out or I might just get unlucky with the needles used for more than one person in the communal ink pot. One look at the photographs of the hands of the monk, ingrained with old ink , made me decide against it even if they decided they would tattoo a woman. My health is very precious  and I cannot take the risk of such diseases as Hepatitis or HIV infections.

After experiencing an emergency landing at Bangkok airport this trip there was no way I was taking any more chances.

I started exchanging emails with Bangkok Ink about their Sak Yant VIP service. It sounded good to me but I am afraid I was very vague as to what I actually wanted. Thankfully, she had a huge amount of patience and good command of English and eventually helped me to make a decision on a design and a date was set.


I didn’t sleep the night before, partly through nerves at the thought of having my first tattoo but also because of the excitement of going through such an amazing experience. I arrived at Bangkok Ink studio early after taking the sky train. I am terrible at directions but the Google map they provided me with was great. The Bangkok Ink tattoo and piercing studio was just five minutes easy walk from the Sky train stop at Phrom Phong. Paeng and the driver welcomed me into the lovely limo and took me to see Ajarn Ohr for my Sak Yant tattoo experience.

It was about an hours drive but she gave me water to hydrate and explained what the day would entail. She was very friendly and soon put me at my ease. On arriving my eyes met the monster trucks parked in the drive way…..not quite what I had expected to see! She explained that Master Ohr used them to take supplies to the poor villagers he supported with help of donations for the tattoos and that I was welcome to take photos of them.

I went into the room where Ajarn Ohr was seated and waiting . The room was full of Buddhist statues and various gold masks that were beautiful. It was very peaceful and calm. Paeng showed him the tattoo design I had in mind and explained to him in Thai that I had said I felt I lost my main protector in life when my husband died . He smiled at me and told he how to sit for the tattoo on my back.

The pain was not as bad as I expected and stopped as soon as the needle left my skin, no burning and no soreness. It was only painful over the spine and that was soon over. Paeng, meanwhile had taken my camera and filmed some still shots for me and a short video on her phone.. It was over quicker than I thought it would be and Ajarn Ohr blessed the tattoo. Paeng took a photo on my camera so that I could see it. It was stunning, a beautiful Gao Yord, nine spires, between my shoulders. Wow!

It was much bigger than I had expected but I was thrilled with it. Obviously the Master added the bigger protection that I felt I needed. It was an incredible experience for me. I paid my respects and thanked him and went outside to offer flowers and incense to the statue in the garden. It was an amazing day and I felt happy and peaceful as I left for the drive back to Bangkok. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a very special experience in Thailand. You are getting the real thing, the whole Sak Yant experience.

You will be taught how to make the offerings to the Master. You will have the blessings done both before and after the tattooing.

The tattoo healed very quickly with no soreness, no itching and no scabbing like you get with a normal tattoo. It is beautiful and unique and many people stop me to ask about it.


ajarn ohr


Bangkok Ink tattoo studio in Phrom Phong, just five minutes easy walk from the BTS sky train station now have a resident Sak Yant master at the studio for people who prefer not to go on the VIP visit to the Grand Master. You can still receive the blessing and the hand poked Sak yant tattoos by booking an appointment in advance. They also do amazing machine tattoos and offer a new piercing studio.

Incidentally, I now have four Sak Yant hand poked traditional Thai Tattoos. I had a crystal lotus done on my right forearm by Master Ohr, after he did the Gao Yord, a four faced Buddha done on my shoulder by Master Au and a King Butterfly done on my left forearm. I know works of art when I see them and I know magic when it happens to me.

Author: Janet Darbey


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