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  • Seek a property for short term in Thailand?
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Can I amend or cancel a confirmed booking of property?

Yes, we would be happy to assist you to amend your booking according to the specific property’s policy. Contact us and our representative will reply in short time.

Is the booking deposit refundable?

In most of the cases, the booking deposit is refundable up until 30 day prior to arrival, except a processing fee of 5%. The refund will be given in 3 business days through the same channel of payment (e.g. if payment been done by a credit card, then the user would get a refund through their credit card.) In some cases the property’s policy in less strict or more strict. In order to review the specific property’s refund policy you should read the Payment And Policies section at to the bottom of the property’s page.

How a user reserves a property on

Users can easily make an inquiry on their chosen property’s page, then our representative will contact them shortly. In some properties on the website, there is a [Book Now] button which allows the user to book immediately. Payments for a partial booking deposit are done with a credit card deposit. All payments are secured and covered by Paypal buyer protection. We allow the users to dispute, as well as Paypal, which protects them and allows them to dispute on a certain payment. Users may Contact Us with any inquiry at any time, and our representative will reply shortly.

What is the difference of to other Online Travel Agents?

  1. We deal with daily basis rentals as well as with monthly basis rentals (short term – less than 1 year).
  2. Our fee is the lowest in the market. Good for the guests, and great for our properties!
  3. Our representatives give a personal service both to the property and to the guest.
  4. The property does not need to use an extranet and update their profile by themselves. We do all the editing and updates of prices, amenities, description. It’s recommended that the property will notify us whenever there is a change in their rates throughout the year, but anyway we repeatedly check the rates of the property on other websites, and update them on accordingly.
  5. We promote and publish the property also on Social media and other popular websites online: Facebook, Twitter, Classified Ads.
  6. We monitor the guest’s reviews online and give a proper feedback to the property.
  7. can also add a unique video feature for the property’s page. Example – press on video button at the upper right corner of the main photo.
  8. A potential guest can make an inquiry with special requests, or ask us for more information.
  9. In some of the cases, would send users to other online channels of the same property, by special buttons that at the property’s page. That way we allow our users to easily compare prices, and also reinforce the property’s bookings from other online channels. Example – the buttons of affiliates,,, are located below the main photo.

What is the company’s profile?

The company’s purpose is to connect between people all over the world, to their desired accommodation in Thailand. We deal also with monthly basis rentals (short term) as well as with daily rentals. You are invited to read more in the page: About Vacation To Thailand


Do you connect to a channel manager e.g SiteMinder? How can you know when the property changed its rates?

It’s recommended that the property will notify us whenever they change their rate. Anyway we periodically check the property’s rates on other websites, and update them on accordingly.

Why does a property needs to sign on agreement in order to publish the property on

A short simple agreement needs to be signed. That’s because we need your written permission to publish the property online. The agreement can be terminated by any side with 1 month pre-notice. There is no long term commitment by the property – the agreement can be terminated by any side with 1 month pre-notice.

What would be the mode of operation if we let you manage our direct booking channels as well (e.g Agoda, Booking. Expedia)?

In a case where a property lets us manage its direct booking channels, where the guest can book immediately without an Inquiry (e.g Agoda, Booking. Expedia), we would then need to control all the profiles of the property online and to control its room allotment (in order to adjust the availability by ourselves). That way we take care of synchronizing all the websites and update the availability status on all the calendars online. In a case of contract termination, we will hand the control of third party websites back to the property’s representative.

When a guest requests to book a room at, how can you know if the room is available or not?

If we do not have a complete control on the rooms allotments of a property, then we would not let the guest to make a direct booking on our website. Whenever there is a new inquiry from a potential guest, we would ask the property if the room is available. However, we can also make direct bookings if the property secures a specific allotment of rooms for us.

How can I add my property to

Are you a property manager/owner in Thailand? We are happy that you wish to partner with us. Just fill out this form: Publish A Property In Thailand. Then we will contact you shortly, in order to explain about the simple process. No monthly payment and no charge from our business partners! Our fee is the lowest in the market. Good for the guests, and great for our properties!