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General Policies:

  1. The policies agreement is between Horizon Digital Marketing Co. Ltd. and the following parties:
  • Property suppliers (villas, resorts, hotels, guesthouses, condos), who we publish on our website, their representative, manager or owner.
  • Guests of these properties, who have made a booking by using our website platform.
  • Any visitor of our website.


  1. All content on this website is the intellectual property of Horizon Digital Marketing Co. Ltd, and must not be copied, or used for any commercial purposes, or competitiveness, in any way.


  1. Our payment method is secured and executed via the PayPal payment gateway.


  1. The website’s visitors agree to receive an email from in the following situations:
  • When they complete, and submit either the “Contact Us” form, or “List Your Property” form.
  • Once their booking is confirmed, each user will receive an email. This will contain all the pertinent information regarding their booking.



For our potential guests who wish to book a listing on our website:

  1. We publish accommodation listings, but we can not guarantee that all the information supplied by them, or any third parties, will be entirely accurate. Our role is to make a successful connection between the guests and their desired property in Thailand, coordinate the booking, and assist with any additional information, or services that guests who made the booking, may be interested in.


  1.  Our users will always be able to amend their booking by contacting us, and also view or cancel their booking by Logging In to their account, and pressing on MY ACCOUNT at the upper right of the screen.  Should they get a refund according to the cancellation policy of the property, then it may take several business days to process.


  1. We provide a user-friendly reservation platform, and excellent customer service for all our users. It is the responsibility of potential guests to check all policies, terms, and conditions for each listing, and to read all the information carefully before making a reservation. This includes, but is not limited to, cancellation polices, and any required refundable security deposit upon arrival etc.


  1. We strive to deal only with quality standard accommodations. Once a reservation been made and the guest has arrived at the property, the agreement is directly between the property supplier and the guest. If any guest wishes to raise a dispute concerning personal injuries, or property loss, then the matter must be resolved with the property management. We will not be held liable in the case of any such dispute.


  1. Guests must behave in a responsible manner at all times while staying in a property. Parents, or guardians, are fully responsible for ensuring their children’s safety when using a property’s swimming facilities.


  1. In the case of malfunction of any property infrastructure, the lessors will do their utmost to ensure rapid repair, but cannot be held liable for such occurrences.



For property representatives who wish to cooperate with us:

  1. We provide a marketing service for villas, resorts, hotels, guesthouses, condos , in Thailand, with no monthly fees. We collect only a small commission from each supplier, and only after we deliver results, profitability, and a reservation has been made that proves these results. We offer a very competitive service, and strive to guarantee the lowest prices on the internet, for all our guests and property suppliers.


  1. We collect the booking deposit for our suppliers per their individual listing policies, and our agreement with them. Once a booking has been made, we subtract our commission, and then transfer the booking deposit to the property supplier. The remaining balance is to be paid by the guest upon arrival to the reserved listing.


  1. Horizon Digital Marketing Co. Ltd. is a marketing company, and is therefore not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to property by a guest. It is the property supplier’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance to cover such events, and to collect a refundable security deposit from the guest upon check-in.


  1. All the prices given to us by property suppliers are inclusive of tax. It is the property supplier’s responsibility to collect all payments, and ensure they make all required payments, including taxes, to the relevant authorities, as accorded by Thai laws.